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Wapsi Palmer Chenille

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A pearlescent single sided chenille that can be used to wrap collars. approx. 20mm.

Palmer Chenille is pearlescent and one sided. It can be palmered for tails and collars on streamers as well as many other uses. A neat material to experiment with.

Palmer Chenille is a Mylar based flash product with all of its fibres on a single side. When wrapped in closely spaced wraps around the hook,it makes a dense,flashy bodie.When palmered forward in evenly spaced wraps,it makes for a sparse body with lots of fibre movement and flash. When used in the latter manner,it can be substituted for a saddle hackle. Try it in place of saddle hackle on flies like the Wooly Bugger.

The small size also makes a very nice synthetic replacement for hen saddle. A turn or two of Palmer Chenille is just the ticket for creating new renditions of your favourite wet fly patterns.

Features of Palmer Chenille

These are some quirky features of Palmer Chenille that must be kept in your mind. Take a look here.

  • Size:Medium &Large
  • Tan,Root Beer,Brown,Red,Olive,Purple,Black &Pearl.

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