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Patagonia Neoprene Flats Boots

Here comes the ideal flat bootie for your grass and sand flats stalking. It has a sole which is impenetrable,and which allows it to provide better safety. When it comes to catching Collingwood flying Kingies,Patagonia Neoprene is our choice.

Save for the periodic appearance of sharp rock,broken shell or sea urchin,it is possible to fish on sand and eelgrass flats barefooted. To this likely danger,we present our Neoprene Flat Booties as the perfect way out. It gives you the laxity to go shoeless by providing you with a sole that is impenetrable coupled with some form of support and extra protection.

As a means to ensure its durability,this neoprene which is ordinarily stretchy (2.5mm),strong,and soft,has been further layered with a hundred percent nylon on its outer surface. Similarly,to maintain its strength and prevent it from bagging,a tough rubber which has been vulcanized is used to make its panels.

The Outstanding features of this flat bootie include but are not limited to the following.

  • Very light weight (less than one kilogram)
  • An outsole that is impenetrable and which makes it to provide more safety
  • A large ten inches YKK®plastic Vislon®Zipper which locks by itself,and thus makes it resistant to corrosion in salt water.
  • Durability owing to the neoprene being laminated to a hundred percent nylon.
  • The reinforcement panels are placed strategically at points that are most susceptible to wear and tear to double ensure its durability and prevent bagging as much as possible.
  • Rubber reinforcements and sole made from rubber that has been thoroughly vulcanized to double-check its durability.
  • Its color is Nickel Grey
  • It weighs about 0.65kg (650g)
  • Its diameter is 2.5mm and is laminated with nylon that is a hundred percent.

Putting all of these into consideration,Patagonia Neoprene Flat Booties are not only durable but also possess everything to keep you safe in your grass and sand flats stalking.

You’ll thank yourself later!!

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