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Made with the Cross Weave technology, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and balanced action, combined with an extra durability. Minimal vibrations and the possibilty to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our “Perfect Curve” philosophy. With a handle in epoxy-cork mix you also get the best grip available. Either your rod can have the revolutionary X-Grip handles to further increase stability and fine-tune the fishing experience, or a traditional round handle.

Available with optional hexagonal X-Grip or traditional round handle in cork-mix.


Built with Cross Weave technology for maximum durability.
Blank in aesthetic glossy finish.
Triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock – easier to put the reel in place.
Available with optional hexagonal X-Grip and traditional round handle in cork-mix.
Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides with double coating.
Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections.
Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tube.

  • X-Grip


    Think about playing tennis with a round cork grip. You would have to squeeze the handle with twice as much power and it would still rotate in the hand – especially when factors such as sweat and sunscreen are in play. A round handle would also make it impossible to render a true stroke or ”track” the path of the racket. Why should a fly rod be different? The X-Grip handle makes tracking the stroke of the cast or moving the rod in a straight path for a controlled loop much easier. This results in longer casts with higher precision. Less pressure on a grip that sits naturally in your hand will use less muscle. You will easily enjoy more power and accuracy with less effort, exponentially increasing your chances to catch more fish. Simple. Logical. Swedish.

  • Balanced Reels Seat


    The original concept for the reel seat was to be able to balance the reel to the rod correctly without having to add weight to the reel or buy a specific reel to match the rod just purchased. It was designed to reduce fatigue to the angler when fishing especially when the cast has been carried out and the line is swinging around the pool. The balanced outfit allows the angler to hold the rod more comfortably and loosely reducing any pressure to the lower part of the back and concentrate on the fishing.

    Reduced fatigue to angler.
    Correctly balanced rod.
    More consistent when casting due to the correct balanced outfit.
    Multiple reel application reels of different weights and sizes.
    Being able to alter the rod’s action to suit the individuals preference.

  • Action Curve & Rod Tempo


    THE ACTION CURVE describes how the rod bends when loaded
    TC= Tip Curve: Rods with this curve have a high action angle in the tip. ”Tip Action Curve”.
    MC= Mid Curve: Rods with a medium action curve. ”Medium Action Curve”.
    FC= Full Curve: Rods with this curve have a long and deep action curve. ”Full Action Curve”.

    THE ROD TEMPO describes how fast and stiff a rod is
    M= Medium Tempo: A rod with a medium tempo is perceived as softer and more relaxed in tempo when compared to MF and F.
    MF= Medium Fast Tempo: A rod with a medium fast tempo is a bit more moderate in stiffness and tempo.
    F= Fast Tempo: A rod with a fast tempo is perceived as fast and stiff in relation to M and MF.


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