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Tying Wire - Ribbing

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Great for ribbing or bodies of Dry flies or Nymphs

From the ultrafine .1mm wire for ribbing on midges to heavy .5mm for saltwater applications,Semperfli offers the widest range of wire weights and colors for the fly tying market. The .2mm size is perfect for streamers,salmon,saltwater and predator flies. The .3mm size is great for heavy tags or ribs on the same types of flies,or for bodies on Brassie Nymphs. For your heaviest wire uses,the .5mm size adds plenty of weight and bulk in one step.

The Main Features of Tying Wire Ribbing

  • Excellent ribbing for Dry,Fly Midges and Nymphs
  • Only .1 mm so adds no weight to Dry Flies.
  • A variety of colours
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