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Metz Hen Neck Feathers

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The Feathers have consistent colouring and barbules with a lovely sheen and uniform length that are unmatched,A classic must have material for every fly tying bench.

Whiting Farms is known for the superior quality of their fly tying hackle and these Whiting Hen Cape varieties live up to their reputation. The partially webby feathers are great for legs,dry fly wings  and nymph and streamer collars,and the hackle size is typically 6 to 20. The length of the capes is about 8 inches overall.

Features of Metz Hackles #1  Hen Capes

Check out these features of Metz Hackle Hen Capes.

  • Great soft webby feathers
  • Perfect for tying legs,dry fly wings and nymphs and streamer collars
  • Metz excellent quality
  • Many colours
  • Suitable for tying flies size 6 to 20
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