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Thin Skin - Body Wrap

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Thin Skin is a .004? thick,stretchable and transparent sheet material that has a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other. It is backed with a paper backing which makes it easy to cut into strips of all sizes.

THIN-SKIN for tying the wing-case on the COPPER-JOHN &other nymph patterns. Plus backs on scuds,sowbugs,crayfish and shrimp. Stretchable and transparent with a matte finish on one side,shiny on the other. Comes by the sheet w/ a "paper-backing"that makes it easy to cut to width(firm). Then peel from backing to use.

Features of Wapsi Thin Skin

The Thin Skin by Wapsi is an ideal choice to make awesome fly bodies. Here are some features to keep in mind.

  • Awesome for wing cases and shellbacks
  • Easy to use and super durable
  • Available in 4 patterns and 30 colors
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