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Rose Creek Fly Box - Clip Lure

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Standard:3-½”W x 6”L x 1-7/16”Deep

Deep:3-½”W x 6”L X 1-11/16”Deep

Interior options include. The Unidirectional Classic Piranha Clips work with a wide range of hook sizes from size #0 - #12 and heavy wire hooks. This is accomplished with a tapered slot to match the taper on the hook point. Hooks are placed in the same direction as the molded fly image.The toothy tapered slot locks the hook tighter as you wedge it forward. The Bi-directional Classic Prianha Junior Clips have slightly wider slots than the Piranha Micro Clips and holds hook sizes #2 - #12 very well. There are 120 clips vs 60clips,which provides more options for hook placement.

The quality,craftsmanship and durability of the Piranha Series fly boxes are amazing. These boxes offer ample space for your flies without dulling the point of your hooks.

The Features of Piranha Series Fly Box

  • High quality and craftsmanship
  • Secure clip so you don't lose your flies
  • The clip system doesn't dull your hook points
  • It is available with double interior options. One is called Bi-Directional Piranha Junior Clips and the other is Unidirectional Classic Piranha Clips.
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