Landing nets, Striping baskets & Accessories

Landing nets are an incredibly crucial aspect of any fly fisher's kit, and there are many options to choose from. Believe it or not, each landing net is designed with a specific use in mind... which means that you need the right product for the particular landing you'll be doing. We can talk all day about what is the best net but at the end of the day it's a personal choice so I'll tell you what I use and why. For general trout/stream fly fishing I prefer a light weight timber teardrop net with a knotless fine rubber mesh, these are fish friendly and easy to carry and tend to snag less on the scrub. If I am fly fishing lakes or places like New Zealand I use the medium size Mcleans weigh net again in the fine rubber mesh. I like this net when fishing for large fish as it will land a 20lb fish. The scales in the handle are acurate so you know when you have landed that trophy fish. I hope this helps you choose your next landing net.

Stripping basket
A stripping basket is an essential fly fishing accessory for any angler who plans on wade fishing in circumstances where one would have more line ready to shoot. If you wade the saltwater surf and shallows or wade a Stillwater, you are probably familiar with having your fly line magically becoming tangled on every object within a reasonable radius. When you strip your line into a stripping basket, the line is contained and will not become a nuisance while fly fishing.

Hard Plastic Stripping Basket:

The most common kind of stripping basket; plastic, a box-like stripping basket is simple, durable, and sometimes extremely pricy. The box-like designs are time tested and most likely will not do you any harm. The built-in, plastic cones keep the line from bunching up and tangling, allowing for smooth casting and uninterrupted line clearing from the stripping basket. Depending on the company, the stripping basket may or may not have holes in them. Stripping baskets without holes don’t fill up with water, but if a wave breaks over the basket, you will need to pause your fishing to empty the basket out. Stripping baskets with holes may run on the wetter side, but you won’t have to worry about clearing it out. 

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