How a fly fishing leader help you outsmart even the cleverest fish.

All in all, fish are smart animals and they are far less inclined to be tempted by your bait is hanging from the end of a strange looking line, or simply isn't moving normally. So, fishing leaders are a superb way to ensure you don't scare fish away when fly fishing.
So what is a tapered leader? A tappered leader is a specially designed leader with a long and heavy butt section for turnover power and a supple front taper for delicate presentation. A fly fishing leader is just that a leader that tapers to a fine point! Tappered leaders are attached to the fly line at the butt section makeing a smooth transition from fly line to fly when fly fishing. Fly fishing tappered leaders are available in Fluorocarbon and monofilament. Tippet material is added to the fly line to extebd the leader and also to reduce the tapper furter.