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Loon Tip Topper Striker Indicators

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You don’t need to look for any other product than Loon Night Strike if you go fishing at night and searching for the bright indicator.

By rolling it onto your leader and pinching off the desired amount and,you can control the size of your indicator. Say hello to the joyous moments by simply zapping it with the UV light.

The Bio Glow paste is the great thing about this kit. You can add the product back to the tin once removing it from the leader. So from now,you won’t have any reason to say no to do fishing at night time.

The Features of Night Strike Kit

How to Use?

There is not any difficult rule of using this product. You just need to make sure that it remains tightly packed once you use it.  Just roll in onto the leader and pinch off the certain amount which you want,you would be able to control the indicator’s size. You can have the best time by just zapping it with the UV light. This was the simpler method for using this product and gets the fishing job done even in the darker night. This product doesn’t stop to focus on your fishing passion even at night. Just follow these steps and catch the fish according to the desired quantity.

  • Biodegradable
  • Re-usable
  • Glow in the dark
  • Quick set with UV torch.
You’ll thank yourself later!!

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