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Drift Rubber Grip Scissor Forceps

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The Drift Rubber grip scissor forceps are one of the best tools to have in your vest. This functional tool has a strong forcep for removing flies,a scissor edge for cutting line or trimming flies and even has a flat screw driver tool at the end of the loop,which is great for stream side repairs on your reel. So before your next fishing trip consider arming yourself with this fantastic fly fishing tool from the Drift Fly Company.

The rubber grip makes it firm to your hand even when the whole forceps may have been in contact with water. Also,the mat black stainless steel finish reduces flash so you don’t spook fish while providing a non corrosive finish.

Similarly,another advantage of this tool is that it combines the functions of hemostat and a cutter. That’s because you can use it to debarb flies,just as you can also use it to safely remove hooks from your fish. The thumb holes are big to accommodate almost any finger size.

Here are some of the outstanding features that make it a must have tool for your next fly fishing trip.

  • It is multifunctional in that you can use it as a cutter (for line cutting) and as a hemostat for (debarring flies) and hook removal.
  • The grip is made of rubber making it firm to your hands even when wet
  • The scissors are made of authentic stainless steel material that is resistant to rust
  • The thumb holes are over-sized so as to accommodate just any type of hand,and also for convenience
  • The handle can be locked for a firm grip.
  • Rubber Grip Scissor Forceps by Drift Fly Company has been made from high-quality material.
  • It is quite affordable and easy to use.

It;s the perfect tool for your kit. So,why not order yours now and make your time on the water even better.

You’ll thank yourself later!!

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