Nymphs Tungsten

Tungsten bead head nymphs are arguably the most favoured river fly pattern when fly fishing. They are nymphs where the usual brass beads are replaced with tungsten bead in all shapes, sizes and colours. Nymphs with a tungsten bead reach the fish in the strongest river stream and deepest pools. A black tungsten bead are the most popular while coloured beads are also very useful. A large oversize tungsten bead are often tied in the middle of the hook these will drift with the hook up, this will lessen the chances of snagging the bottom of the river. Some times an unweighted nymph is attached to a tungsten bead head nymph with 12 to 15 inches of tippet and this nymph will bob up and down a few inches clear of the bottom.
Fishing a tungsten bead nymph is a very effective way to get your fly down fast.
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