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Author: John Marshall   Date Posted:29 September 2015 

I am very excited to launch our new Fly Fishing Blog. Our aim is to share information and answer any questions you may have about fly fishing or our products. 

To get things started, I have been a keen fly fisher for more than 22 years, I started with trout mostly in the waters of the northern tablelands of NSW and Australian Bass in the eastern flowing rivers of the Manning Valley, Hastings and the Macleay Valley and in more recent years the Nepean Gorge. My obsession with Bass has led me to experiment with existing fly patterns and develop hybrids for my local waters. I have even designed and produced my own Native series fly rod to fill the needs for our own Aussie species.

In recent years I have been exposed to various saltwater fly fishing like Kingfish & Australian Salmon in Sydney Harbour as well as our annual pilgrimage to Christmas Island for Bonefish, Triggers & GTs,. Awsome!!

What about you? What's your favourite fish to target on fly?


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